Electronic Cricket Scoreboards offer a range of accessories.

Repeater Scoreboard

Have the score visible in various areas of the club with a repeater scoreboard and keep those who are in the bar or clubhouse completely up to date with the total, wickets and overs.

Repeater boards receive the transmissions from the console to work in tandem with the main scoreboard and they are suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Measurements are approx 600mm x 650mm x 100mm and the repeater is available in both red and amber digits.

There is also an option to have any of the other scoreboards we offer as a repeater, the most common option being a DC9. This could be an option if you have a bigger club, or if you simply want to display more information.


£595 + VAT

Free delivery if ordered in conjunction with any of our scoreboards (otherwise, delivery is £50 + VAT).

Mobile Trolley

Trolleys allow your electronic cricket scoreboard to be safely stored guard against vandalism and they also enable you to move the board at the end of play.

The trolley has a wheel to wheel depth (front and back) of 1.1m and adds a height of 0.4m to a scoreboard. The width will be the same as the scoreboard it is fitted to.

The trolley can be used on more than one ground, which makes it ideal for both school and club use. It is compatible with all the scoreboards we offer, except the DC28.

Please note: the scoreboard in the image is not included with the trolley.


£495 + VAT

Free delivery if ordered in conjunction with any of our scoreboards (otherwise, delivery is £50 + VAT)

Play-Cricket Scorer

All of our scoreboards are compatible with the Play-Cricket Scorer and Play-Cricket Scorer Pro. The Play-Cricket Scorer is a purpose built scoring software designed for recreational cricket. It provides all the detail of a traditional scoresheet, making it easy for new scorers and powerful enough for regular scorers – all from a tablet or mobile.

The Play-Cricket Scorer Pro delivers powerful free laptop scoring software for recording and analysing cricket matches at international, domestic and recreational level.

Roller Shutters

We don’t install roller shutters, but we can refer you to the right people if you do require one. Get in touch with us for more information.