Building on the DC19 is the DC22. The DC22 also has the batsmen Id’s but in 12″ digits apposed to the 10″ digits used in the DC19. It also features last man or last wicket. This scoreboard is a superior mid-size display for both spectators and players.

  • 22 x 12″ Ultrabright LED digits
  • Total, wkts, overs, batmen numbers (x2), batsmen scores (x2), 1st inns with the option of ONE of the following: LAST MAN, LAST WKT, RUNS REQD, TARGET
  • Powdered coated aluminium housing
  • Covered with vandal proof lexan front
  • Controlled wireless via LCD console
  • Viewing distance 180m


  • Height: 1500mm
  • Width: 2200mm
  • Depth: 100mm
  • Controlled up to 250m wirelessly

This scoreboard can be trolley mounted.

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