Electronic Cricket Scoreboards

Electronic cricket scoreboards are a great addition to any cricket ground, big or small, as they allow both spectators and players to see the score and statistics clearly.

Having an electronic cricket scoreboard eliminates the need to manually change the scores by hand – all you need to do is simply input it and the scoreboard is updated instantly. Not only is it simpler to use, but having an electronic scoreboard looks more stylish and aesthetically-pleasing for spectators and players alike.

A lot of clubs and schools are looking to electronic scoreboards to provide a solution for their grounds and cricket playing venues. The team at Electronic Cricket Scoreboards are experts in installing both standard scoreboards and scorebox conversions and have successfully installed them at clubs and schools all over the UK and Ireland.

What Scoreboards Do We Offer?

We offer two main types of scoreboards, with the option to create your own bespoke build, should you wish.

Standard Scoreboards

Our standard scoreboards are the largest range of scoreboards we offer, with five unique designs, each one spanning a wide range of sizes and detail so you can select one that is most appropriate for your club or school. All of our standard scoreboards can be trolly mounted for added flexibility (apart from the DC28) – so they can be positioned anywhere in the ground.

We offer a bespoke service should you require something unique, perhaps you have a larger ground or specific details that need to be displayed on the board. Get in touch with us for more information on this service.

Scorebox Conversion

Our scorebox conversions are a more custom form of electronic cricket scoreboard – we can upgrade an existing score hut by replacing the fascia with a black laminated marine ply board and retrofitting the electronic components. This is typically a more traditional cricket scoreboard that can be controlled from inside the scorebox or from the pavilion. A scorers window or table can also be accommodated if required.


We also offer a range of accessories to accompany your scoreboard. Repeater scoreboards do exactly as you would think, they are usually put in the bar or clubhouse so that those who are not in direct view of the scoreboard can keep up to date with the score.

We can also offer any of our other scoreboards as a repeater, which is a good option if you have a bigger ground with a significant number of spectators, as our standard repeater is a smaller sized scoreboard.

We also supply trolleys that are great for transporting your scoreboard around the ground and also means your electronic cricket scoreboard can be stored away and protected against vandalism. Roller shutters are also another great way of protecting your LED cricket scoreboard against vandalism and other damage that may occur, although we do not directly supply them, we can put you in touch with the people that do.

Play Cricket Scorer Pro

All of our scoreboards are compatible with Play-Cricket Scorer and Play-Cricket Scorer Pro. Play-Cricket Scorer is a purpose-built scoring software designed for recreational cricket. It provides all the detail of a traditional scoresheet, making it easy for new scorers and powerful enough for regular scorers – and a tablet or mobile acts as your remote control. Whether you control the scoring from your tablet, phone or desktop will depend on the type Play-Cricket Scorer you go for. Play-Cricket Scorer is designed for mobiles or tablets and Play-Cricket Scorer Pro is designed for laptop/desktop use.

Why Should You Consider An Electronic Cricket Scoreboard?

There are many advantages to an electronic cricket scoreboard as they can be a great addition to any cricket club or school ground.

A scoreboard on a cricket pitch is something that everyone will look at – which is why it’s a great idea for it to be a feature of your club.

Electronic cricket scoreboards have an extremely professional aesthetic, which is guaranteed to give your cricket pitch an image that will impress spectators and players alike. They also make it very easy to score the game and any details can be updated or rectified by the simple click of a button. Traditional scoreboards can be particularly labour intensive and they require someone to be on their feet or climbing up a ladder ready to change the score almost all the time – which is eliminated with electronic cricket scoreboards.

The upkeep of any of our scoreboard displays is very minimal, but in any case where maintenance is needed, our team will be on hand to help.

Get In Touch With Us

Coming from a cricket background ourselves, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the industry. We will work with you to ensure your club or school can benefit from a scoreboard installation and we continue to offer our support long after the installation is complete. If you are looking for an electronic cricket scoreboard, or you would just like some further information on our products, then do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team.